Installation of An Undulating Course: Rocking Chairs and the History of the World

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2012 at 3:59 pm


An Undulating Course features work by Laura Ells, a recent graduate of Gordon College. Whimsy, absurdity, and other things of a jovial nature are a few of Laura’s favorite things. This series is an alternate version of history focusing on the impact of the rocking chair. Laura states, “From an early age we are told to learn from history so that we might not repeat the same mistakes. A few years ago I started writing short stories, satirical retellings of famous historical events postulating that rocking chairs played a major role in the various outcomes. By taking stories with which we are more or less familiar and relating the to each other, I am questioning the importance, the reverence of these epic events. With an insignificant object, such as a rocking chair, acting as a catalyst for these stories, are we led to challenge our opinions of history?”






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